The “Parco minerario e naturale Luigi Pirandello” project, developed by Maurizio Boldrini, Francesca Anichini and Manuela Ballo of the University of Siena (Dispoc) and endorsed by the Municipality of Aragona, aims to recover the structures of the Taccia-Caci mines in Aragona (Agrigento), which, with minor adjustments, can already be used as a museum by including them in a park project that enhances their history, both the mining tradition and the natural environment in which these structures are located.

It is no coincidence that it has been designed as a space in which respect for the nature of the site and its original function can coexist with the maximum of technology that will allow everyone, including the blind and deaf, to carry out a complete visit of the Park through the signalling of routes and information about each building on the site.

The entire park will breathe in the air that led Luigi Pirandello to write some of his memorable pages. A park also designed to encourage forms of sustainable tourism and aimed at strengthening the identity understood as memory and historical knowledge of places with the intention of making the territory in which a great artist like Pirandello modelled his talent known. In essence, the Project has the ambitious goal of turning the ‘Mintini’ mountain from Mining Presidium to Cultural Presidium.

The interest of the Municipality of Aragon in the Mining Park project.

Marco Cumbo, Aragonese and member of the organizing committee

Giovanni Lorenzano, Aragonese and member of the organizing committee

Erica Lorenzano, Aragonese and member of the organizing committee